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Complementing our own Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy, our approach to caring and educating is also deeply rooted in the teachings of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, which are commonly known as the “Philosophy of Respect, Trust, and Care.” This philosophy emphasizes building strong relationships, slowing down, being present in the moment, and sensitively observing how children learn in order to establish predictable and consistent routines.

To ensure that each child receives individualized attention, we follow their unique routines and care moments at their own pace. Our children have key teachers who observe, extend, and document their learning and care moments, and serve as the main point of contact for our Whanau. Although we are guided by the time of day, we do not strictly follow a clock, and we listen to the unhurried natural rhythms of each child’s inner self.

Please see below for an example of a typical day in our program.

a typical day!

Welcome parents and children! Breakfast ritual and settling children in with calming morning activities. 

Care moments as per individual needs, meaningful conversations, social play and free movement.

For our Preschoolers: Transition to school activities and experimental & activity based learning.

Group time with stories and songs. Children washing hands and feeding their taste buds with our “rolling” morning tea (Kai Ritual).

Care moments as per individual needs, messy play & sensory exploration, inside/outside flow and reciprocal interactions.

For our Babies/Toddlers: Nap time as required

For our Preschoolers: Experimental & activity based learning and provocations set up by teachers.

Rolling lunch begins (Kai Ritual) – Washing hands & enjoying a peaceful unhurried meal time.

Morning half day session ends & Afternoon half day starts.

Calming yoga exercise and time for children to engage & explore. For our Preschoolers: Restful reading under the trees.

Rolling lunch begins (Kai Ritual) – Washing hands and feeding their taste buds. Then group time with stories & songs. 

Care moments as per individual needs and spontaneous activities & learning experiences. Restful reading, inside/outside flow & tidying up. 

Whānau engagement with sharing information.

Quiet exploration and learning experiences. Getting prepared for the next day, tidying up and informative chats with parents.

Farewell/Centre Closing.

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